Degree thesis length: how many pages should I write?

The length of the thesis is one of the greatest reasons for anxiety of the desperate student. How many pages? Do images count? Can I write everything with size 14? Do you say they notice it?

Degree thesis length? We proceed with order

Usually the speaker also serves to clarify these doubts, he will suggest an approximate length to be respected.

In any case, remember that every university, faculty and even course, has its own regulation. It is often inserted in the intricacies of the website, perhaps in the “degree” section.

Folders, jokes and other mysteries

Among the indications for the length of the thesis, you could find a different unit of measurement with respect to the number of pages: the typewritten folders.

A folder does NOT match the length of a page, unless you have formatted the text according to some standards.

But if you have to follow the standards defined by the university for formatting, you will just need to know that:

A FOLDER corresponds to 1800 characters. (for some 2000, but 1800 is the norm)

ONE BEAT corresponds to each character entered, spaces included.

So, for example, a thesis of 20 pages will correspond to 36000 characters.

How to find out how many lines you’ve typed?

If you are using Word (but also Office), you can find this valuable information at the bottom, along with the number of pages in the document. Click on “Words” and the counting box will appear.

“Characters (spaces included)”. If you want to know how many folders you have completed, simply divide by 1800.

And if nobody told you how long it should be? And if the fear of asking a “discounted” question to the speaker is too much?

Call the secretary, contact graduates who have accomplished the titanic task before you. Because this magical number, as already mentioned, DEPENDS on an avalanche of things !!! In addition to the course, faculty and university, it also depends on the type of thesis … three-year, master’s, doctoral, master’s, compilation, experimental …

Generally, in the three-year period there is between 30 and 80 pages and in the magistral between 80 and 150 … But this is absolutely an estimate. If you really don’t have the faintest idea how to do it … Gather your courage in two hands and go talk to the speaker.

Your question is not taken for granted, and in any case with him (or her) you will have to do with it throughout the drafting of the thesis … so much so!